Sunday School has started!
Classes are held during the 10:30 AM service
(right after children’s moment)
Sunday School will meet on the second, third and fourth
(and fifth, when a month has it) Sunday’s of every month.
To All Adults:  If you have the gift of teaching and feel God calling you
         to serve, we are always looking for volunteers!
This year, we will be using the Kidzmatter curriculum called “This iKnow”.
Lessons have a strong teacher-led emphasis
“This iKnow” focuses on the majors. The lessons are set up so they can be led by a single teacher with very little preparation—but lend themselves toward building a strong teacher/student relationship.
The lessons leave a lot of room for discussion, interaction, and fun—all of which foster a genuine sense of community. In our technocentric world, that’s a pretty powerful strength.

When kids look back on their Sunday school days, they don’t remember the videos, the songs, or the lessons. They remember the people who invested in them week after week. Were they kind? Warm? These are the things that adults remember about their time in children’s ministry.

Lessons address the strengths of various children


No two children are the same. Some kids really respond to stories, while other action-oriented kids need activities to drive an idea home.

“This iKnow” has really focused on the need for different kinds of learning styles.

In their material, “This iKnow” states, “Our goal is to incorporate at least five of the Multiple Intelligences in each lesson, thereby touching on everyone’s strengths, but also exercising the weaknesses of each child through experiencing activities that are more of a challenge to them.”

Not only does it appeal to each child’s strengths, but it also recognizes that expecting kids to work through information in a way that challenges them is another tool for growing their learning capacity.

Note: The information used in the creation of this page was adapted from the following review.